Sunday, March 14, 2010

Xbox 360 repair

About a month ago, my son got a strange error on his Xbox 360 - he would put a game in the machine, it would spin, say "Reading", then "Open Tray" and eject the disc. After spending a bunch of time on the internet and YouTube, finding out that my warranty expired 2 months ago (ARGH!), that you can't easily replace just the DVD drive, and that there are at least three different DVD drives Microsoft has used in them, we bravely cracked open the Xbox this week. It was a pain to take apart, but the most likely YouTube video explained that there was probably grease built up in the spinner. We cleaned it, followed the instructions to back off on the screws, and VOILA - a working Xbox!

Figured we saved at least $100 on a repair bill and $200 on buying a new one.

Gotta love YouTube and the internet.

My next project is to tackle my long-dead PS2 that has the CD tray sticking out of it...

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